Server/Game Rules

[ Note ]

- The punishment of the offense will be decided when the rules are broken, based on the individuals’/groups’ previous offenses and what types of rules were broken.

- Before making a report, ensure that you have enough evidence, clips/screenshots (depending on the type of report) Opening a ticket and providing no evidence is pointless.

 [ General/Common Sense Rules ]

1. Duping of any loot/resources is prohibited.

2. Don’t advertise other clusters/servers.

3. Suspicious Links/Files

- Random links and files should not be sent/spread anywhere in PhoenixARK Community or any of the member’s DMs.

4. Have Fun

- At the end of the day, it’s a game and everyone should enjoy it! If you got raided, it Is part of the game, don’t go trash-talking the enemy tribe, rebuild and wipe them!

5. Any sort of third-party software that gives you an in-game advantage is not allowed on the server.

- Crosshair applications are allowed
- Ini modifications are allowed

6. Exploiting of any sort is not allowed!

- This includes but is not limited to:  
- Duping items/loot
- Abusing 3rd Person camera to shoot whilst being behind objects
- Fully boxed/illegal racer builds

7. Char / Tribe names
- Names must be readable.
- Cannot contain any special characters AKA []
- Names must be APPROPRIATE!

[ Tribe Rules ]

1. Owner has the final say in the tribe, If the owner kicked you, it is not an inside. It’s their tribe.

2. Insiding is not allowed. In a sense of a person joining a tribe, taking their loot, and leaving.

3. A tribe can only hold 2 base spots per map.

-  This doesn’t include teleporters, as long as they are not blocking base spots or high-resource 


[ Base Rules ]

 1. Building in High-Interest/Resource Areas is not allowed

What areas are prohibited:
- Obelisks (Island is allowed)
- Wyvern Nests
- High Resource Areas, for example, Gen1 Magma Pits, where all element spawns.
 - All cave building is ALLOWED.

2. Building In Ratholes:

- You can only build in ratholes that you can enter normally.
- Your character shouldn’t be glitching into the spot in any way, shape, or form, meaning,
You should be able to freely enter the spot and go out.
- Palergornis/Ovis shouldn’t be used to enter it
- Tek Suit/Grappling Hook/Zip-Line shouldn’t be used to enter your base spot either.
 Before Building in a base spot, think about the raider’s perspective, will they be able to raid it normally? or will it be near impossible for them to raid it?

3. Your base should consist of MAXIMUM 500 structure spam on the outside of turret rage.

- Cage/Tower structures don’t count!

4. Dino Stacking is prohibited

5. Spamm Placing turrets on the ground is prohibited
 - Whenever you're building you can place your turrets however you like, This rule only applies to base defence, when you are being raided.

6. Base Count

- Tribe can have 1 CAVE/Vent/Any other highly contested area per map

- Total of 2 CAVEs/Vents/Any other highly contested areas per cluster

- TEK TP Builds dont count as a base

- Open world bases - e.g. Plats dont count towards that!

7. Connected Structures

- Outside Towers SHOULD NOT be connected, if you build a 7x7 Tower, only that cage should be connected to that foundation layout

8. Dino Spam

- Spamming dinos on cave entrances is not allowed!

[ Raiding Rules ]

1. Mass Soaking

- You can only soak with 7 Dinos at a time.
If your Dino gets trapped/stuck in enemy defenses but is still being shot by enemy turrets, it still counts as it’s soaking.
 - Turret Settings Change doesn’t allow you to push into the turrets with more than 7 Dinos. If turrets were refilled/changed to high ONLY 7 Dinos should be shot.

2. Illegal raiding methods/exploits are not allowed.

3. Whilst raiding you can only cage the opposing team/member for a MAXIMUM of 5 Hours!

- If you were caged and want to get freed, you need to have evidence of when you were caged, for example, you should write something in chat or something on my end where I could have a timestamp from when you were caged.

4. One tribe for everything – NO TEAMING!

- You are not allowed to get help from others whilst raiding or defending. 

- You are not allowed to request for help to defend/raid in global chat or anywhere else.

- MAXIMUM OF 2 People from the same tribe can snipe a FOB. Only 1 tribe can be present sniping/griefing, so if youre told to leave so, do so.

- IF YOU build a Counter FOB, you can have maximum of 3 People.

- If your counter FOB was wiped, you have to pack up and leave. You cant continue griefing the FOB.

- You can't refob the same tribe on that raid for the day.


5. Don’t Fob New Player Protection Bases or With New Player Protection.

- Whilst you’re in NPP you should not be placing any structures near enemy bases. Check with /npptime

- If you are fobbing a base, ENSURE TO CHECK if the enemy tribe is not in new player protection with /nppcheck !
- If NPP Kicks in the middle of the raid at the wipe, TRIBE THAT HAS the back of the cave gets to keep it!

6Tunnel Raiding

- It is prohibited to build into bases, AKA, building tunnels into bases by having foundation support from underneath.

7. Hidden Teleporters

- You are not allowed to hide awesome teleporters in highly contested spots and then raid people from behind. IF you are placing a teleporter in a cave, ensure its easily spottable and visible.

8. MEK Mesh Hitting

- You are not allowed to destroy structures of an enemy tribe through mesh/terrain whilst using a MEK.
- This doesnt include Spam, but abuse of this glitch wont be tolerated on the server.

[ Chat Rules ]

1. Racism/Toxicity
- Any type of racism/racist slurs won’t be tolerated on the server.
- Toxicity shouldn’t be the only thing floating in global. Have fun, some banter and trash talk is allowed, as long as it’s not insulting and swearing at your enemies.
 - This also applies to VOICE CHAT!

2Server Is English
 - All chats should be kept to English, as that’s the language that I can understand and moderate. I can’t understand other languages, and if people are being offensive I cant help.

3Don’t Trash Talk The Server
 - Instead, leave negative feedback, not all feedback can be positive, and I’d much rather hear your opinion in suggestions rather than you just trash talk and leave.