25 Area Dino Colour


Package Description

What you receive when you purchase this package:
 You receive 25 Area Dino Colouring Tokens. [Permanent till used up]
They allow you to repaint your dinosaurs however you want to.

Access to /farm command in-game [Permanent]
Access to Discord Supporter Lounge [Permanent]
Claim 500 points every 24H [Permanent]

/sdcr randomise the colour of target dinosaur Uses 1 Token
/sdc RegionNumber(1-5) ColorNumber(1-255)  Uses 1 Token - Can do it as many times you want on the specific dino, uses only 1 token for the dinosaurs lifetime.
/savedc <name> Will save a dino colouring for that species.
/listdc Whilst looking at a dinosaur use this to see what you saved previously.
/loaddc Loads a colouring from your saved colourings. Uses 1 Token
/sdcaoe colours all dinos in range Uses 1 Token

This Package only works on 100x Cluster!