Terms and Conditions

Read CAREFULLY before Supporting Us!

 All purchases that you make will be used to improve the server, with new plugins, license extensions, and upkeep of the server. Therefore there are NO Refunds, as money gets reinvested.

 All purchasable packages are there to support the server, "In-game" Items are given as a reward for helping with the server upkeep and progression, therefore In-game Items don't have any value.

☆ If the servers were ever to stop operating there would be NO REFUNDS Issuedas you are supporting my work and helping with upkeep/licenses of the server and not purchasing an item.

☆ If you fail to follow the server/discord rules and end up being banned, there will be NO REFUNDS.

 Packages can get changed at any time, this doesn't mean you are entitled to a refund- as you are supporting my work and the server and not buying virtual items.

Rules are subject to change throughout the lifetime of the server! Everyone has to follow them, people that get punished are not eligible for a refund.

☆ Any Chargeback/attempt to chargeback will get you PERMANENTLY IP BANNED from our Game Servers, Discord, and Tebex Store.